Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Ultimate Comfort Food - Dried Beef Gravy on Toast

This is the meal that brings me back home. My ultimate fuzzy feel good food. My Dad always poached eggs to go with it. And my Mom always finished the little bit left in the pan with oyster crackers. I don't use a recipe and I'm not sure of amounts. The key is the best dried beef you can find. Lucky for me, my Mom brought me some this past weekend.

Eggs done your way

Melt 4 tablespoons butter in a pan. Add about the same amount of flour and stir until browned and bubbly. Dump in a few cups of milk. Whisk and whisk until the lumps are gone and continue to stir frequently. Add a bunch of fresh ground black pepper. Add desired amount of chopped or shredded dried beef. Eat in PJ's for best results.


Mindy said...

hmmm, may make something similar for supper tonight. do you just eat yours at breakfast time?

Shannon said...

nope. this was lunch. i've actually never had it for breakfast.

Gwen said...

ymmmm i should have kept back a little of what i gave you,that looks good...will have to pick us up some next week.

Tim and Melissa said...

Ooooh, my mom used to always make this, too. Now I want to!

Cheri said...

Ledebuhrs? Nothing beats that stuff! I've been meaning to try some from our local locker, being their dried venison was delish! Just had this for lunch today, tho I'm sure it didn't compare. Had it with frozen sweet corn...never tried it with eggs!

Julie said...

Hi, Shannon,
Got zukes? Here's our egg dish:
Shred zucchini (Mixer shredder is fastest.)
Saute (with mushrooms, onions, etc. if desired)
Whip eggs and mix in.
Just before eggs are done, add shredded cheese (Or don't.)

Even zucchini haters love this egg dish. Cheers. Julie Evans