Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Wants Fresh Buns??

My Mom's Buns (heeheehaaha)

1 C Lukewarm Water
2 T butter
1 Egg
2 C Flour
1 1/4 C Whole Wheat Flour (you can use all white)
1/4 C Sugar or Honey
1 t Salt
3 t Yeast

Place in bread machine in order listed and run dough cycle. Shape into buns, let rise. 375 for 8-12 minutes, depending on size.

What's this down here? Is that a bun in my oven?


Cheri said...

What? This is brand new information!

Shannon said...

You mean, you've never cooked a single bun before? It's the most common, you know. Although I heard that two-bun cooking runs in Farron's family!

Mindy said...

OK Shannon, I have to ask if you are pregnant. You made it sound like you weren't earlier in the week, but now I'm really beginning to wonder.

Shannon said...

HeeHee. Okay there should be an addendum to my "what i did today" post, which i'll go make right now! =)

Gwen said...

what a ROUND about way to finding out about grandchild #5.4pm chance to be online all day and look what I miss out on..
5 pa$$port$?????
we will see you daughter of ours friday:)

Nate, Tara, and Jaden said...

So you ARE pregnant! You had me all confused with your previous post and then the bun in the oven. CONGRATULATIONS!! You beat me, I still only see one line on that dumb stick ;(

Jen said...

Thanks for the bun recipe! And *congratulations* on your own little bun. :o) GREAT news!! :)

Jen Martin said...


Shannon said...

yeah, i was sooo clever leaving up my "i got my period i'm so depressed" blurb....because i was going to keep this preg a secret for like 4 months...HAHAAAAAAAA!

tara- it'll happen for you took us 9 months this time...but i wouldn't have wanted them any closer so glad it just happened!

Lani said...

Congratulations, Shannon! This is exciting news. Hugs.