Friday, November 23, 2007


Clockwise from the 9: Waldorf Salad, Sweet Potatoes with cranberries and homemade marshmallows, Jellied Cranberries, Onion and Herb Dressing, Green Bean casserole from scratch, Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Gravy, Brined Turkey.
Nolan's favorite part of the bird!

Brad's Pumpkin Pie. Which was an edible flop, but only because I didn't follow the directions. Which tends to help it seems! It was still delicious.


BradNelson said...

Edible flop? The pie looks good from the photo. What was wrong with it?

Shannon said...

I doubled it for two pies and had enough for three (I don't think my crusts were deep enough). I didn't heat the pumpkin, spices and milk and I didn't temper the eggs. They cooked for 90 minutes and they were still really, really jiggly. They were runny warm, but excellent cold. Next time I make it I'll be tempering those eggs =)

BradNelson said...

Yeah, I found that this recipe makes a lot of filling. There are a couple standard pie pan sizes. I ended up making a couple smaller ones (not sure on the size, maybe 8-inch) and had a ton of filling left over.

I think also, you can bake the filling for a few minutes and then pour in a little more to top it off, then finish baking. (At least, that's what America's Test Kitchen suggested.)